I. General Remarks

1. These regulations, hereinafter referred to as “the regulations”, set forth the principles of using by its users (hereinafter referred to as “the users”) a website available at: www.abmmedia.com.pl (hereinafter referred to as “the website”) as well as services provided by ABMmedia (hereinafter referred to as “the services”).

2. www.abmmedia.com.pl is the website owned by ABMmedia INFOrmacje FACHOWE, al. Jana Pawła II 25A, 37-450 Stalowa Wola, Poland, hereinafter referred to as “ABMmedia”.

3. Every person visiting the website is enabled to make use of services provided by ABMmedia, under conditions specified in the following regulations.

4. ABMmedia provides services comprised of:

  • access to detailed information about products and services provided by ABMmedia, as well as
  • receiving from ABMmedia information about products and services, which the User is interested in, to a designated e-mail address.

5. Services are rendered free of charge and additionally for payment.

6. Every person who uses the website acknowledges and accepts the conditions of the regulations.

7. ABMmedia reserves a right to change, withdraw, suspend or discontinue any function or aspect of www.abmmedia.com.pl.


II. User’s Responsibility

1. The User uses all information available on the website at their own risk.

2. The use of the website is subjected to limitations arising from Polish law.

3. Responsibility for the use of the information included on the website and decisions made pursuant to it, shall rest on the User only.


III. ABMmedia’s Responsibility

1. In case of receiving reliable information that the website contains content or materials which break the law or infringe interests of ABMmedia or any third party, ABMmedia shall undertake actions aimed at restoring the state consistent with the law.

2. ABMmedia is not responsible for damages resulting from any events that remain beyond ABMmedia’s control.

3. For any damage caused during the use of the database and associated information, including e-mail addresses, ABMmedia assumes no liability. The licensee uses the database and information at their own risk, therefore no claim shall be laid to ABMmedia. This includes loss of profits and other random, derivative or indirect damages resulting from the use of the data received from ABMmedia, on the basis of the placed order. Foregoing damages may also result from the incorrect or improper usage of the database. ABMmedia assumes no financial liability neither for the loss related to the return of undelivered mails or consignments, nor other losses enclosed in the risk of the licensee.


IV. ABMmedia’s Partners

1. ABMmedia is enabled to publish logos, banners, teasers and links to other websites. Such links may lead to owners of advertisements, suppliers of provisions as well as partners, i.e. cooperating entities who under agreements are enabled to make use of the logo of ABMmedia.

2. ABMmedia is not responsible for the content of information included on websites of its partners. Using banners or links, the User passes on to a website belonging to another owner.

3. ABMmedia is not responsible for the privacy policy and personal data protection of its partners. In order to obtain more information concerning privacy policy and personal data protection one ought to visit the website of the partner and fully acquaint themselves with their privacy policy.

4. ABMmedia does not control nor is responsible for content appearing on the websites of its partners.

5. ABMmedia is not liable for the effects of using any information or materials available on the websites of its partners.

6. Customers purchasing a product or service from ABMmedia give their consent to the placement of their logo on ABMmedia’s website.


V. Technical Reservations

1. All users of the Internet are enabled to have access to ABMmedia’s website, without the need for completion of any formalities, in particular, access shall not be dependent on the registration of the user on the website.

2. ABMmedia is not responsible for technical problems or technical limitations connected with the computer equipment, used by the User, and which renders it impossible for the User to use the website and services offered via the website.

3. ABMmedia does not guarantee that information sent via the Internet will reach the User in the correct, complete and full form. ABMmedia does not assure that using the website will take place without any breaks or technical defects, or that the User will obtain the exact information they searched for.

4. ABMmedia will make every effort to ensure that any data transmission via the Internet is safe, i.e. make sent information secret and complete. Nevertheless, ABMmedia cannot guarantee that such transmission will be safe.


VI. Copyright

1. Both contents of the website and its particular parts such as written materials, pictures, graphics and other enjoy the protection of copyright in general terms. Every user is obliged to observe such copyrights.

2. Contents of the website are intended for the users’ private use only. Using it for any other purpose, particularly commercial including copying, public reproduction, or making it available to any third party in any other manner may take place, provided that prior written permission of ABMmedia is obtained and only within the framework of destination defined by ABMmedia.

3. Using materials published on the website for purposes other than personal use, i.e. copying, duplicating, using it in other publications, in whole or parts, shall be carried out according to general terms of the press law and copyright.

4. All trademarks appearing on www.abmmedia.com.pl enjoy legal protection in the form stipulated by proper regulations.

5. In the case of the occurrence of damage being an effect of the User breaking any of the rules mentioned above, they shall be obliged to compensate for the damage to ABMmedia according to general rules.

6. Contact us in order to obtain permission to publish the link to www.abmmedia.com.pl.


VII. Personal data protection

Information about personal data transferred to ABMmedia remains the property of the person who sent it, however sending it to ABMmedia is equivalent to granting ABMmedia permission to use that information for its internal purposes. Storing of information in the ABMmedia system and its use is possible after consenting to personal data processing by the person the data is concerned with.


VIII. Online shop

1. Online shop “ABMmedia” operating on www.abmmedia.com.pl is run by ABMmedia – INFOrmacje FACHOWE, al. Jana Pawła II 25A, 37-450 Stalowa Wola.

2. ABMmedia carries out sales of products via the Internet.

3. Orders via the Internet are accepted. To place an order one should fill in an order form. Once the order has been placed, a message that the order has reached the shop is sent to a purchaser.

4. The fulfilment of the order takes place when an e-mail from the purchaser with the confirmation of the placed order reaches the shop.

5. Duration of the realisation of the order is, respectively:

  • in the case of payment cash on delivery – 7 working days from the day of receiving the confirmation of placing the order,
  • in the case of payment by transfer (prepayment) – 7 working days from the day of registering the inflow of the due payment onto the shop’s bank account.

6. After completing the order, the product shall be sent to the purchaser.

7. Delivery deadline = duration of realisation of the order + anticipated time of the delivery.

8. A limited number of products is designated to promotional sales. The realisation of orders takes place according to the sequence of the confirmed orders and lasts until the stocks included in that form of sales run out.

9. All prices are expressed in Polish złoty and are net prices to which VAT 23% should be added. A price given to each product is binding at the moment of order placement by the customer. ABMmedia reserves the right to change prices of the products, the offer, to introduce new products to the online shop’s offer, to conduct and cancel promotional campaigns on ABMmedia’s website and to introduce changes on it.

10. The purchaser may pay for ordered products by choosing one of the following forms of payment:

  • cash on delivery – charge is collected by a courier,
  • bank transfer into ABMmedia’s account.

11. The ordered product is sent by post, in Poland via Poczta Polska. The cost of the delivery in the case of C.O.D. payment is 13,50 PLN.

12. At the moment of confirmation of sending the order by the purchaser, an agreement is concluded between the PURCHASER and the SELLER. The subject of the agreement is the product mentioned in the order. Rights and obligations resulting from the concluded agreement are provided for in the Act of 23 April 1964 of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 1964 No 16, item 93, as amended) as well as in the Some Consumers’ Rights and the Liability for Damage Inflicted by a Dangerous Product Act of 2 March 2000 (Journal of Laws of 2002 No 22, item 271, as amended).

13. The product sales agreement is concluded according to the Polish legislature and in the Polish language.

14. Any disputes arising in connection with the sales agreement shall be resolved by the court with jurisdiction over the place of the conclusion of the agreement.

15. Return of the product. According to the Act of 2 March 2000 about Some Consumers’ Rights and the Liability for Damage Inflicted by a Dangerous Product, the customer may return goods purchased in our store without giving reasons for that within 10 days of receiving the delivery. It is possible only when the product does not show signs of use, is complete and has not been damaged in any matter whatsoever. A returned product should be send back together with a received invoice. ABMmedia guarantees return of the amount of money equal to the price of the product. Money shall be returned within 5 working days via bank transfer into an account indicated by the customer or via postal order to an address designated in the order. The cost of sending the product back shall not be refunded. Entries of article 15 do not apply to businesses.

16. Complaint. If the customer finds a physical defect in the product after having received it, they should send it back by post to the following address: ABMmedia INFOrmacje FACHOWE, al. Jana Pawła II 25A, 37-450 Stalowa Wola. ABMmedia does not accept any deliveries sent back in the form of cash on delivery. Costs of returning the advertised product is returned immediately after receiving the delivery and considering the complaint. A VAT invoice should be included with the returned product as well as description of the reason for the complaint. All complaints are considered within 14 working days from the day of receiving them. The defective product may be exchanged for a new one of standard value. In case when this is impossible, e.g. because of running out of stocks, the shop shall return to the purchaser the equivalent price of the product or shall offer them a choice of other available products.


In the event of discrepancies between language versions the Polish version of the agreement shall prevail and the Polish law shall be the law governing this regulations.