Using our direct marketing services you will be able to contact a specific, individual customer from a sector that you are interested in. Sending offers to potential purchasers of your products and services may bear fruit in the form of the effective sales.

You are welcome to make use of our services.

Direct Marketing:

  • e-mailing
  • fax mailing
  • postal mailing
  • telemarketing
  • SMS campaigns

We guarantee high validity of address details – at a level of about 98%.

Full segmentation of the market means selection of the companies according to NACE sectors and other criteria: field of activity (e.g. production, wholesale, retail, services), territory, size of entities – a number of employees, turnover and other elements of segmentation of the potential customers’ market.

It is your choice to whom you would like to send your offer. We will make winning your potential customers and business partners easier.

Direct Mailing Services:

  • postal mailing
  • e-mailing

Our complex services of mailing and Direct Mailing are:

  • Preparing a direct marketing schedule,
  • Selecting a target group,
  • Preparation and printing of addresses, according to your needs,
  • Completing elements of packages for a postal mailing,
  • Shipping to the post office, mailing control,
  • Combined mailing, Direct Mailing, telemarketing, fax mailing,
  • Report after the Direct Mailing,
  • Fast performance of the task.

The price is defined individually and depends on the scope of services.

The price is defined individually and depends on the scope of services.

Free co-packing service up to a defined amount when buying a database.