In order to gain your potential customers you have to become acquainted with their needs and expectations. You have to become aware of what kind of products and services may be offered to them. ABMmedia will help you obtain information about the structure of demand and supply in a market you are interested in as well as about prevailing conditions. You will become acquainted with the market in terms of the actions of your competition, the quality and prices of products, as well as services provided and promotional activities that are undertaken.

We are able to conduct analysis and research of any market as we do not limit ourselves to a specific sector or a territory. It is you who decide which market should be examined in detail.

If you want to verify whether a decision about making an investment or engaging in business with companies operating in a market is right, you are welcome to make use of our services. In addition to observation of the market phenomena, our services include analysis of elements and factors contributing to the structure of market relations. The next step is conducting scientific market research aimed at investigating rules that govern the market. What is more, we prepare reports and market prognoses that will enable you to have a clearer insight into the future of the market you are interested in. We also prepare propositions of solutions to problems.

You choose which modules to investigate:

  • the economic situation of companies and their functioning,
  • costs and prices analysis,
  • product research,
  • research of production activity,
  • distribution channels research,
  • analysis and research of promotional activities,
  • consumer analysis.

Market research may be conducted in different ways. The choice of the methodology and techniques of research is adjusted to your individual needs.

Market research techniques:

  • Questionnaire surveys (questionnaire, direct survey, press survey, telephone survey);
  • The panel of retail products (gaining information through stocktaking in retail shops);
  • The panel of consumers (analysis of randomly chosen consumers);
  • Motivation research (e.g. surveys and tests aimed at recognition of consumers’ motivation);
  • Observation and experimental methods (e.g. market experiment);
  • Current observation of the market.

Knowledge about potential purchasers of your products and services may bear fruit in the form of effective sales.

You are welcome to make use of our services.

We invite you to contact us to determine terms and conditions of cooperation.