The power of information in economic relations is undeniable. Especially, information about companies and institutions that may become your customers or business partners. Gaining valuable information is possible thanks to databases. With a well-constructed database, you will be able to contact your target group, enterprises that may become purchasers of your products and services, as well as to run direct marketing campaigns effectively.

ABMmedia is a company that creates databases satisfying our customers’ individual needs. We design, build and introduce databases of companies and institutions from Poland and from Europe as well. You will be able to contact your potential customers directly, send them offers and establish cooperation with new business partners. With our B2B databases these actions will become less time-consuming and certainly of great benefit to you. 

We offer two types of databases:

  • Databases which already exist and were prepared with the utmost diligence;
  • Individual databases that are created as a result of our customers’ specific needs.

You only need to indicate a market and a branch that you are interested in and we will create a database according to your specification.

What distinguishes us is the fact that:

  • We can provide you with B2B databases from Polish market, as well as from any other European country.
  • We can prepare a database from a branch that you are interested in.

Our databases are created especially for you.

A database should be:

  • extensive,
  • reliable,
  • up-to-date,
  • flexible,
  • conveniently arranged.

Our databases meet all requirements.

Information that you can find in our database:

  • full name of the company and the company’s legal form
  • names and surnames of contact persons and their positions*
  • field of activity of economic entity according to EKD, NACE, SIC*
  • street and premises number
  • postcode
  • city
  • country
  • dialling codes, phone numbers
  • fax numbers*
  • e-mail addresses*
  • website addresses*
  • employment bracket*
  • turnover*
  • capital origins*
  • other information*

100% of address details and telephone numbers

*for some fields the amount and the scope of information will be agreed


The process of data standardisation ensures the highest quality of the database.

We guarantee high validity of address details – at a level of about 98%.

What is more, you will be granted 100% guarantee for the database of companies.

Thanks to our database you will be able to conduct direct marketing campaigns such as e-mailing, mailing, fax mailing, telemarketing, and contact your target group fast and effortlessly.

You are welcome to make use of our services.

Contact us via e-mail or by telephone.